Drinks Menu

A variety of drinks to choose from.



Soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer)  ($2.50)


Bottled Mexican Coke (made with real sugar)  ($4.00)


Mexican Sodas (ask us what flavors we have today—prices vary)


IcedTea  ($3.00)


Strawberry Lemonade  ($5.50)


Horchata  Traditional Mexican drink—a perfect combo of sweet, milky, vanilla‐y goodness  ($4.50)


Apple Juice  ($4.00) 


Milk  ($3.50)


Chocolate Milk  ($4.00)


Coffee  ($3.75)


Hot Tea (ask us what flavors we have available)  ($3.50)


Cocoa  ($5.50)


Mocha  ($5.50)




Fresh-Squeezed Juice


Made to order with fresh fruit!


Classic Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice  ($5.25)


Mango‐Orange Juice  ($5.50)


The Green Monster (Spinach‐Orange Juice)  ($5.75)


Orange‐Pineapple‐Carrot Juice  ($5.75)


Tropical Papaya Milk  ($6.00)